Work in the UK

Investor visas, Start up and Innovator visas, Global Talent Visas, Graduate Work Visa, Skilled worker Visas (Minister of religion, Sportsperson, Intra company transfer), Temporary workers (creative and sporting), Representatives of Overseas Business, Settled or pre settled status for EEA nationals

Study in the UK

Student visas, Child Student visas, Student visitor visas. These are for people who want to study in the UK.

Partners and Family

Family members of British citizens, EEA nationals, and settled persons, Family members of migrant workers and students Reuniting asylum seekers with their families, Marriage and civil partnership, Domestic violence.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

After you have lived legally in the UK for a certain length of time, you may be able to apply for permission to settle here. This is known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’. Your right to apply for settlement will depend on your current immigration category. Form SET(M) to apply to settle here as the husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried/same-sex partner of a British citizen or someone who is settled here. Form SET(F) is for settlement applications by children of British citizens or people who are settled here. Form SET(DV) is for settlement applications by the victims of domestic violence. Form SET(BUS) to apply for settlement as a retired person of independent means or a sole representative of an overseas firm. Form SET (Protection Route) is for settlement applications by refugees or people granted humanitarian protection. Form ECAA 2 for Turkish citizens and form ECAA 4 for Bulgarian or Romanian citizens who are established in business in the UK under the terms of the ECAA.

Naturalisation as British Citizen

British citizenship is one of the six different forms of British nationality namely British citizenship, British overseas citizenship, British overseas territories citizenship, British national (overseas), British protected person; and British subject.

Registration as Citizen

Applications for registration as British citizen for children of British parents and those settled in the UK. Discretionary applications for citizenship. Applications for citizenship for children who have lived in the UK since birth for at least 10 years.

Administrative reviews

If your application for a visa is refused we can provider advice and help with an administrative review

Reconsideration request

In certain limited circumstances an application for a reconsideration request can be filed if your application has been refused incorrectly.

Bails and Appeals

If your application has been refused with a right of appeal we can represent you in an appeal to an immigration tribunal. If you have been detained, we can apply for a bail if you meet the legal requirements.