Many people believe that by surfing the internet for information about UK immigration, they can find enough information to be able to lodge their application and for it to be successful. This is not the case always. Every case is different and applications need to be compiled carefully and completely. Applications for the UK visas or citizenship are not formalities and are not just a matter of filling out the application form and providing the information requested.

Applicants do not understand the requirements. Sponsors often assume that because they are British their family member will be granted the visa. This is certainly not the case! Visa Application Centres are proving themselves to be inconsistent in their approach. Information from them is sparse & generally inadequate. They are not permitted to provide immigration advice!

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The UK immigration and visa application process can be a minefield for anyone not completely up to date with current legislation. At 121 Law Associates it is our business to know and be fully aware of constantly changing rules in order to achieve favourable results for our clients.

121 Law Associates are registered at level 3 with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) for Immigration Advice and Services with registration # F201200618. We deal with Entry Clearance applications from outside the UK, and applications to the Home Office for those that can be lodged from within the UK.