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Who we are

We are authorised to provide immigration advice & services by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner OISC with Registration No. F201200618 as a Level 3 organisation. We are a UK based organisation providing Immigration Advice and services. We deal with Entry Clearance applications from outside the UK, and applications to the Home Office for those that can be lodged from within the UK. The UK immigration and visa application process can be a minefield for anyone not completely up to date with current legislation. At 121 Law Associates it is our business to know and be fully aware of constantly changing rules in order to achieve favourable results for our clients. Many people believe that by surfing the internet for information about UK immigration, they can find enough information to be able to lodge their application and for it to be successful. This is not the case always. Every case is different and applications need to be compiled carefully and completely. Applications to the UK are not formalities and are not just a matter of filling out the correct application form and providing the information requested. Applicants do not understand the requirements. Sponsors often assume that because they are British their spouse/fiance/partner/dependant will be treated with the utmost respect. This is certainly not the case! Visa Application Centres operated by British Visa Departments are proving themselves to be inconsistent in their approach and costly to contact by telephone. Information from them is sparse & generally inadequate. They are not permitted to provide immigration advice. We 121 Law Associates are Registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) for Immigration Advice and Services. We are a private immigration firm providing immigration advice & representation, and is not affiliated with the UK Government. All decisions for granting a visa remain with the relevant Government Authority subject to the applicant lodging a valid application and meeting the relevant criteria.

Our Team

Mr. Shahid Nadeem

Mr. Shahid Nadeem is the director of the 121 Law Associates. He has previously been the director of many successful companies and has been instrumental in establishing many other Immigration Law Firms. He has significant experience of working in different areas of Immigration and Nationality law. As the head of the 121 Law Associates team, Shahid has represented numerous clients at various immigration and nationality law applications always with successful outcomes.

Marian Olusola Owoyinfa

Marian is an experienced immigration and asylum law adviser. She has a LLB Law (Hons) in 1997. She completed her masterís degree in Advice and Legal Work from London Metropolitan University in London 2005. Presently, she is a registered member of CILEX- Chattered Institute of Legal Executives. She previously worked in various law offices and in Citizen Advice Bureau, Hackney. London. Marian is an experienced immigration and asylum lawyer and has substantial experience in representation at first-tier and further appeal hearings.

Dr. Chiara Mancuso

Chiara qualified as a lawyer in Italy in 2005. She attended Cambridge University as a visiting Post-graduate student in 2004 and 2007 and was awarded a PhD in European Criminal Law in 2008. In the past Chiara has worked for several years as a researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Palermo, Italy. Her passion for immigration, human rights and criminal justice issues translate into active participation to professional organisations and preparation of research papers for publication.

Immigration Advice

Who Can Provide Immigration Advice?

It is a criminal offence for a person to provide immigration advice or services in the UK unless their organisation is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) or is otherwise covered by the Act.

What is Immigration advice?

Immigration advice and services includes claims for asylum, applications for entry clearance or leave to enter or remain in the UK, immigration employment documents, nationality, citizenship, residence, deportation or removal, bail applications and appeals against deportation.

What advice and service we Provide?

We provide advice and services for all Immigration catagorie includes, visitors, students, spouses/unmarried partners, other family members, immigration employment documents, all applications under PBS, diplomats, their family members and domestic staff and non-asylum Case Resolution/ Legacy Cases, postgraduate medical/dental training and private medical treatment, naturalisation as a British citizen, registration as a British citizen, residence permit for an EU/EEA national, family permit/entry clearance for a non-EU/EEA family member. We provide services which includes applications to the Home Office, including asylum and human rights applications and concessionary or discretionary applications, Case Resolution/Legacy Cases and Active Review, applications for Humanitarian Protection, representing clients in correspondence with the Home Office and at Home Office interviews, representations to the Home Office in support of cases, drafting client statements, including asylum statements, submitting One-Stop Notices, lodging notices of appeal and statements of additional grounds, applications for temporary admission and Chief Immigration Officers bail, family reunion applications, representations regarding ongoing or asylum casework to MPs, instructing a barrister or advocate for advice, to advise on drafting appropriate grounds of appeal and to appear at the Immigration and Asylum Chamber(where permitted by the Bar Council), Our advisers can represent the clients at bail and appeal hearings before an Immigration Judge at the TSIA, for substantive appeals work including making representations to, or appearing before, courts or tribunals, Applications for Immigration Judge bail.

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